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Client: Confidential Corporate Client

Completion: 2012

Curtain-wall rehabilitation project:

A corporate client requested Alpha Prosperity Inc. to act as an owner’s representative for the rehabilitation of their entire curtainwall system. Due to normal wear and degradation, the curtain-wall envelope itself had become compromised and water moisture was intruding into interior spaces. Alpha Prosperity Inc’s scope of work included finding suitable and reliable engineers to initiate a curtain-wall study to find out the extent of corrosion and present state and extent of degradation of the envelope. Once the scope of work was quantified from the engineering report, Alpha Prosperity, along with the engineering consultant and their specs and drawings, oversaw the bidding process from several contractors. We also reviewed and tracked ongoing project schedule and budget. Our Project Management expertise allowed the owners to maintain their office running and focus on their core business as a contract manufacturing firm. Any issues that arose was managed and resolved as a team effort between Alpha Prosperity, the engineering consultant and main contractor. The owner was involved only on issues that affected schedule and budget or on owner requested items. Project was completed in 2012 with all new parapets, mullions and selective replacement of failed/failing IGUs. The north elevation was redesigned with composite metal panels to both reduce the costs from IGUs and also to be more durable due to its function as a loading dock area.

Client: Confidential Corporate Client

Completion: 2013

Penthouse renovation project:

Our client engaged Alpha Prosperity to act as a project manager and owner’s representative to oversee this Design-Build contract. Alpha Prosperity Inc referred and vetted multiple Design-Build firms and short listed three for the client to review. Upon awarding the contract to Eurodale Developments, our company reviewed and negotiated all contract documents to present to the owners. Alpha Prosperity’s main responsibilities during design through construction was project schedule, budget and coordination with the condominium board. The scope of work is a 2950 sf sub penthouse condo located in Mississauga. The 3 bedroom condo was completely gutted and renovated to have one large Master Bedroom with additional walk-in closets for him and her. The master ensuite was also enlarged to accommodate all the clients needs and design requests. The kitchen size was also doubled to expand storage and also to match the scale of the unit. All millwork was custom made in places such as the kitchen, media center and master vanity. Extensive work was also done for new plumbing, electrical and plumbing to accommodate the new design layout within the constraints of existing concrete shear walls,floor slabs and other existing building utilities. Condo rules and work hours limit the vendors and builders time on site more than usual but through efficient planning we have consistently resolved any issues that have arisen.


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