Property Management

“Due Diligence for you peace of mind”

EXPERIENCE: From our wealth of experience gained from managing our own investment portfolio of commercial/residential properties, our strategy is to see the landlord/tenant relationship as a partnership. We provide our tenants with a quality property and in turn our tenants should only be of the highest quality.

FINDING A TENANT: Our potential tenants are sourced through multiple sources from web based listings and print media depending on the property type.

Potential tenants are then put through our rigorous and through verification process which include the following but not limited to:

  1. Credit check
  2. References verifications
  3. Job Employment verification

Your property will go through the same process as our portfolio of properties because we understand, especially for residential tenancies you have only one chance to get it right.

MOVE-IN: Our services will also include move in/move out coordination. We will assess the condition of the unit/property thoroughly and coordinate and recommend any required repairs with our client. We strive for a smooth transition with each new tenant and a good relationship with the departing tenant.

DURING TENANCY: During any tenancy there will be our required annual inspections. Our team and the tenant will walk through and note down any issues with damages or potential building issues that need to be addressed before they become a more expensive maintenance issue for the owner. It is an important component to show tenants that this lease is a partnership and while the owner is responsible for major systems, then tenants are responsible for the daily wear and tear on items used by them.

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